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A Message from our President


red-e-with-line2We are very pleased that you are considering Emergency Care Consultants (ECC) as the next step in your emergency medicine career. This site will provide some background on the history of ECC, our clinical practice, and discuss the culture, vision and values of our group. The founders of ECC built the practice from the ground up beginning in 1992, creating a democratic, physician owned group that is committed to outstanding patient care and strong alliances with our hospitals. Physician hiring and recruitment are critical in order to maintain these values and thrive in the future, as these new doctors will be the architects and leaders of ECC for the next generation. Unlike many organizations where a physician is hired to simply work clinical shifts, ECC physicians become engaged very early in the activities that define a successful practice, and that engagement continues on throughout our careers.


Christopher Obetz, MD, FACEP
President & CEO, Emergency Care Consultants



Since October 1, 1992, Emergency Care Consultants, P.A., (ECC) has provided emergency services in the Twin Cities. Abbott Northwestern Hospital was the only clinical site for ECC until major expansion in 2012 when United Hospital, Regina Medical Center, Western Wisconsin Health and River Falls Area Hospital emergency departments were added.


The WestHealth freestanding emergency department was added in 2013. ECC expanded its coverage to include St. John’s, St. Joseph’s and Woodwinds hospitals in 2017, and District One Hospital in Faribault, MN in 2018.


Since the beginning, ECC has been a physician-owned, transparent, democratic organization. We are comprised of highly engaged physicians with a strong sense of ownership and pride in our practice and hospitals. When we recruit, we look for outstanding physicians who have the passion and vision to become future partners of the practice.

Our Culture


As a physician-owned democratic group, physician participation and engagement are essential ingredients to maintaining a well-run practice. Nearly 100% of our physicians play a role in leadership and decision-making through a wide range of roles and opportunities.


These roles include medical directors at each site, educators, quality directors, board representatives, ECC administrative leaders, and many other participants with clinical initiatives, projects and committees.


This high level of involvement ensures that we have a committed, knowledgeable and engaged group of physicians who are deeply invested in the success of our practice and our emergency departments. Commitment to this philosophy of engagement is a critical piece in our recruitment efforts.

Values and Purpose


We provide our patients with optimal emergency care.
The foundation of our care is: Empathy, Compassion, High Quality and Timeliness
We embrace an inclusive Team Approach to Emergency Care
We embrace innovation in Emergency Care with emphasis on new services and technology
We support our members’ efforts toward personal balance and personal growth in their lives

Life with ECC

Work-Life Balance

Attention to lifestyle is an important concept for Emergency Care Consultants (ECC) and can be defined in many ways. While working in the ED, ECC provides a rich array of resources so the physician can focus on excellent care. Examples include scribes, overlap of shifts, generous staffing ratios, and APP support. Our successful business model allows for premium compensation and benefits. Unlike many practices, ECC providers tend to work fewer shifts throughout our careers, leading to greater longevity, very low turnover and good work-life balance.


Emergency Care Consultants (ECC) was the first large medical practice to use scribes in Minnesota, and our program continues to flourish.ECC provides a personal scribe to all providers except for slower shifts in our lower-volume ERs. Scribes are a key member of our clinical teams as they allow us to provide comprehensive,high-quality notes, and to adhere to the growing documentation requirements.

Clinical Sites

ECC manages ten emergency departments. To accomplish that, the practice is divided into three divisions. Physicians are recruited into 1 of the 3 divisions, and split their clinical time between these sites. Most providers work the majority of their shifts in the larger EDs within their division, and the remainder of their shifts in the lower volume locations.


ECC – West

ECC-West manages three ERs. Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, MN is the hub with its 50,000 annual visits, and WestHealth in Plymouth, MN sees 45,000 visits in an ER-UC Hybrid model. District One Hospital has 15,000 visits.


ECC – East

ECC-East encompasses four hospitals. United Hospital in St. Paul, MN is the hub with its 50,000 annual visits, and each provider works additional shifts at one or more of the regional sites.


ECC – NorthEast

ECC-NorthEast has two hospitals in St. Paul, MN and the East Metro region of the Twin Cities. Each ECC-NorthEast provider is based at one of the hospitals where they work about two-thirds of their shifts, and split the remainder of their monthly shifts at the other site.


Medical Directors


Karen Wright, MD
ECC-NorthWest Medical Director
Abbott Northwestern Hospital

Dr Karen Wright completed an Emergency Medicine residency at Hennepin County Medical Center in 2014 and has been a part of ECC since that time. Dr. Wright has held several different roles in her time with ECC including trauma director, sepsis lead, COVID lead, associate medical director and is now the medical director for the Abbott Northwestern Emergency Department. She is originally from Wisconsin where she went to undergraduate, followed by medical school in Chicago. She came to the twin cities for residency and is now raising her family here with her husband and has 2 young children. In her free time Dr Wright enjoys travel, going to the gym and reading.


According to Dr. Wright: “Abbott Northwestern is a quaternary referral center that sees patients from all over Minnesota and the Midwest. The emergency department provides care to a diverse patient population and benefits from the many resources that come along with being Allina’s largest hospital. We have a great staff that works collaboratively to see any patient who presents to our ED.”

Kelsey Echols

Kelsey Echols, MD
ECC-East Medical Director
United Hospital

As the East Division Medical Director, I find satisfaction in the multifaceted nature of my role, which revolves around three key aspects.


First and foremost, the privilege to mentor new physicians and collaborate with experienced practitioners at various stages of their careers is a source of joy for me. Witnessing the growth and development of young talents as they navigate the complex world of emergency medicine is not only fulfilling but also contributes to the future of our field. Equally, engaging with seasoned physicians, sharing experiences, and collectively striving for continuous improvement fosters an enriching environment that fuels my passion.


Secondly, my dedication to working on quality projects to enhance evidence-based care underscores my commitment to excellence. Guided by the principles of scientific inquiry, I relish the opportunity to explore innovative approaches that elevate the standard of care we offer. Collaborating with interdisciplinary teams to implement best practices ensures that our patients receive the most up-to-date and effective treatments, aligning with the dynamic nature of emergency medicine.


Lastly, my belief in providing exceptional emergency access and care for all patients is a driving force behind my work. Every individual who seeks our services deserves timely, compassionate, and effective treatment regardless of their background or circumstances. This commitment resonates deeply with me and propels me to continuously seek ways to optimize our processes, resource allocation, and patient-centered approach.


In summary, my role as Medical Director is a blend of mentorship, evidence-based innovation, and the unwavering pursuit of equitable care. These facets combine to create a purposeful journey, reinforcing my dedication to not only the field of emergency medicine but also to the well-being of every patient who walks through our doors.


Tony Nardi, MD
ECC – NorthEast Medical Director
St. John’s Hospital

I graduated from the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and then completed the Emergency Medicine Residency program at the University of Maryland-Shock Trauma. I joined HealthEast out of residency and was the Medical Director of the Woodwinds Emergency Department and then Physician Services Medical Director at HealthEast responsible for oversight of the Emergency Departments, Hospital Medicine Programs and In-House OB programs at HealthEast three acute care hospitals.


I believe an Emergency Medicine Practice needs to build on a patient-first platform and that as Emergency Physicians, if we keep the patient at the center of our decisions both on a micro and macro level that everything else will follow. Within this, I think practicing physicians must be the ones making these decisions and participating in how best to accomplish this patient centered, best practice medical care. I am excited to be part of ECC and to help grow the NorthEast Division in the vision of ECC.

Interested in joining the ECC Team?



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Administration Team

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